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It's not yet warm...

It's no longer freezing cold, it's getting milder but it's not yet warm. It's getting complicated to dress-up-for when we are in between seasons. Need a versatile accent piece for your wardrobe? Look no further than our ultra-soft CASHMERE SHAWL PONCHO, which can be worn in as many different ways as your imagination can conceive. Need a little help? We've got you covered: we even made our first in-house style guide. Hope you like it. [powr-photo-gallery id=be4fe7e5_1488653709]

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You Are Invited

You Are Invited We are doing our first business after hours with Valley City Chamber of Commerce on February 9th, 5-7pm. Come and join us to learn more about Mongolia, our products and what we do. Everyone is welcome. We will be serving snacks and Mongolian milk tea. Follow the event details on Facebook.

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New Year, New You!

Get in Gear with Cashmere for 2017. Everything you need for Winter Fun. 25% OFF Cashmere Collection till January 8th, 2017.Use promo code NS25OFF during checkout. [powr-photo-gallery id=5b61862e_1483460014]

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Our Story in the Beginning

"High quality cashmere, wool and leather goods created by Mongolian artisans, expertly crafted into beautiful, elegant styles that will keep you warm and look terrific.” That was the dream of Tuya and Moojig, two Mongolian sisters who first started thinking about owning their own international business while they were sharing late night messenger conversations over the Internet. Today, that dream is now a reality and is truly the heart and soul of Noos Shop. It might seem unusual that the two of us share a business together, even though one of us lives in North Dakota and the other lives in Ulaanbaatar. However, when you consider that the winters on the plains of North Dakota and the steppe in Mongolia are...

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All Hands-on-Deck

Many of you know or have heard about a Mongolian traditional dwelling called a Yurt ( or Ger in Mongolian). Some of you may have seen, lived or are even living in one. In our case, we don't have one in the USA for us (me and my hubby) to live in. My hubby wanted one so badly that my sister gave him an exact mini replica of a furnished Ger when he visited Mongolia last summer. I have a confession: I did my best to keep it in the box until I had more help to take on the challenge of putting the Ger up. To my luck, Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity. We had some of our friends...

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