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Growing up, back home in Mongolia, we used have a mandatory class for girls on how to sew and knit. Boys had one for making things with wood and crafts. I'm not sure if you can call it a DIY course since it was required for us to make something and get graded for it . I didn't mind the sewing until I tried to make a traditional Mongolian outfit called "Deel" (it's pronounced like DELL only you stretch the vowel e longer) for my little brother.

Mongolian Boy

Image from Libreshot

It was a very meticulous process for 13 year old at the time. I measured the fabric, cut my patterns, and used my mom's old Russian sewing machine. Things took a wrong turn when my brother tried it on. I had the opening on the wrong side - it should have been on the right instead of the left. I'm wasn't a great knitter either, my socks were different sizes - they couldn't really be called a pair of socks. Don't worry, the wool socks I sell are made by professionals (small businesses in Mongolia) and there won't be any odd pairs. One thing, I was reasonably good at was hand embroidery. I liked the intricate patterns and loved that I could make something with pretty stitches. So, last night I got to put my embroidery skills to test for the first time since my high school years, stitching on woven labels on our products. I had the TV on in the background. I heard the American Express Small Business Saturday commercial. I truly believe that local businesses are important part of our town, they give flavors to our community. So, jump on the Let's Shop Small wagon, folks.

PS: Valley City's  Holiday Preview Open House is on this Sunday. Visit us online and in store. 

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