Our Story in the Beginning

"High quality cashmere, wool and leather goods created by Mongolian artisans, expertly crafted into beautiful, elegant styles that will keep you warm and look terrific.”

That was the dream of Tuya and Moojig, two Mongolian sisters who first started thinking about owning their own international business while they were sharing late night messenger conversations over the Internet. Today, that dream is now a reality and is truly the heart and soul of Noos Shop.

It might seem unusual that the two of us share a business together, even though one of us lives in North Dakota and the other lives in Ulaanbaatar. However, when you consider that the winters on the plains of North Dakota and the steppe in Mongolia are actually quite similar, it really isn't all that unusual.

We like to say, "bitter winter breeds better cashmere." That's why for us, it has always been about finding the warmest, softest cashmere we could find. When the dream of owning our own business started to become a reality, we decided: what better place to draw quality products from than our home country, Mongolia?

We think it is important for our customers to know that we choose to carry only the highest quality products in our shop. To accomplish this, we cultivate relationships with artisan producers of quality cashmere, wool and leather goods. In turn, this helps us to bring their products directly to you, our customers. This not only ensures that there are fair profits for the men and women who make the clothing, but that we are also providing you with only the best.

In addition to our signature luxurious cashmere shawls (a personal favorite!), scarves, mittens and hats, we also offer a selection of leather gloves, cozy wool socks and even hand-made felt booties for both kids and adults.

We welcome you to take a look around our online store and invite you to visit our shop in person if you’re ever in the neighborhood. We trust you will enjoy our products as much as we do. 

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