How to Dress for the Weather (and Still Look Amazing)

Let’s face it -- no one feels especially stylish in a winter parka.

Cold weather means coats, gloves, and scarves -- all of which can be fun, but we have to admit they’re not always the most fashion-forward. Their bulk can really break up the flow of your ensemble if you’re not careful, and when that happens, the cold weather becomes a severe style-dampener.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered some great ways to get around the cold weather, stay warmer than ever, and look like a million bucks. Don’t believe us? Well, hang tight because we’re ready to prove it.

Let’s dive right in!

Get into Textures

So, summertime is all about prints and colors and those visual aspects that really make your outfit pop. In the winter time when most people opt for a more subdued palette, the idea is to focus on a different aspect of your wardrobe: the textures.

Pairing up a couple of different textures can add a surprising amount of interest to an otherwise “blah” outfit -- both in a visual and a tactile way.

For example, try a sleek, leather jacket with a chunky-knit yak wool scarf. The noticeable texture of the scarf will contrast the smooth sheen of the jacket -- turning heads while keeping you snug.

Play Up the Little Details

Summertime fashions tend to be bold and daring, but in the winter you want to go for some mystique. We advise styles that have a dash of flavor in the details. When your outfit is all about these little character traits, you have a more lasting, versatile style that’s dressed up but still comfortable and cozy.

Now is the time to choose a sweater with an oversized collar (bonus points because the high collar keeps you warmer) or a zip-up yak sweater with contrasting pockets. With these unique touches in play, you can throw on your detail-piece over a t-shirt and jeans and still look like a million bucks.

Cashmere Sweater

Keep Your Extremities Cozy

Remember, warmth isn’t all in your core! If you keep your toes and head warm, you stand a better chance of pulling off styles that otherwise may not be as toasty.

Try this: choose your outfit of the day based on style, not warmth. Then, throw in a heat-retaining hat and some ultra-warm wool socks to wear in your boots. The wool fibers will keep you warmer while still providing some air-flow, and will help boost your temperature that much more.

Go with the Flow

It’s easy to feel constricted by winter styles. I mean, being zipped into a parka that’s basically a mini sleeping bag isn’t exactly my idea of comfort.

Shake up your winter wardrobe by adding in some more loose, flowing styles -- for example, a cashmere poncho or wrap. They may not seem like super warm options, but looks can be deceiving!



Cashmere is incredibly lightweight, but it also retains heat extremely well, making it the ideal option for a winter wrap. Cozy up under one of these bad boys, and you’re not just going to look like the belle of the ball -- you’ll feel like it, too.

Add a Pop of Color

Remember how we said that winter is the time for subdued tones? Well, here’s the exception to the rule!

Occasionally you want to shake things up by throwing in something bold and eye-catching. With just one little colorful accent piece, you can amp up an outfit and add some interest without throwing off the whole style.

For instance, take your winter-palette ensemble and top it off with a bold and bright scarf -- or even a plaid shawl. These pieces will break up your tones to provide a fresh and sassy spin.

Don’t Forget to Experiment

At the end of the day, rules were meant to be broken -- so take our tips and run with them! Add in your own individual preferences, and you’ll have a style that’s uniquely your own.

What’s your favorite way to style it up in the winter? Drop us a line and let us know! And don’t forget to check out all the new styles at Noos Shop, so you can make it your most fashion-forward winter yet!


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