All Hands-on-Deck

Many of you know or have heard about a Mongolian traditional dwelling called a Yurt ( or Ger in Mongolian). Some of you may have seen, lived or are even living in one. In our case, we don't have one in the USA for us (me and my hubby) to live in. My hubby wanted one so badly that my sister gave him an exact mini replica of a furnished Ger when he visited Mongolia last summer. I have a confession: I did my best to keep it in the box until I had more help to take on the challenge of putting the Ger up. To my luck, Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity. We had some of our friends visit us during the holiday from Fargo, who were happy to lend hands for the project. There you go, it required all hands-on-deck!  Hope you like the video, it was recorded and edited by Khangal Ganbaatar, a friend of ours.building a ger

In case you are wondering what is a Yurt (Ger), here is a definition from Encyclopedia Britannica: "Yurt, also spelled yurta, Mongol ger, tentlike Central Asian nomad’s dwelling, erected on wooden poles and covered with skin, felt, or handwoven textiles in bright colours. The interior is simply furnished with brightly coloured rugs (red often predominating) decorated with geometric or stylized animal patterns. The knotted pile rug, first known from a nomad burial at the foot of the Altai Mountains (5th–3rd century bc), probably developed as a fur substitute to provide warmth and sleeping comfort in the yurt."

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