8 Reasons to Support Small Businesses this Holiday

Thanksgiving weekend is approaching, and we have to say, we’re a little excited.

Not just because we love food. (Which we do. A lot.) And not just because we love spending time with family. Those are both awesome parts of Thanksgiving, but another aspect we’re looking forward to is kicking off the Christmas shopping season.

Some of you on-the-ball preppers have already been spotting deals and stashing presents in your closets for the past weeks and months, but for the rest of us procrastinators, Thanksgiving weekend (and Black Friday in particular) is the time when it all starts.

But beyond the primary current of Black Friday is another outstanding shopping day that often gets far less recognition, and that day is Small Business Saturday.

What Is Small Business Saturday?

If you’re not as familiar with Small Biz Saturday, don’t worry -- you’re not totally behind the times. This event was added to the calendar of post-Thanksgiving shopping days back in 2010.

This shopping day is unique because it’s focused on supporting local communities -- and, by extension, the people within them. It’s a break from the frenzied deal-hunting and gift-grabbing, and instead offers a way for people to truly think about how their dollars are impacting their specific region and the importance of how we shop for things.

In short, Small Business Saturday allows us an opportunity to still get the gifts we need, but in a way, that benefits others in the local community.

So, why else should you shop small this holiday season? Glad you asked! Here are our top 8 reasons to support small businesses as you shop this year.

      1. Get Higher Quality Products

          Often small businesses are small because we are focused on a narrow selection of products. And while we all get used to buying from big conglomerates that sell a little bit of everything, the truth is that businesses that specialize in a limited number of products can be better focused on the quality of what we’re selling.

          When your business consists of niche products that are overseen by a few passionate people, more time and care is put into the selection process, so you know you’re only getting the highest quality products. And let’s not forget that when you buy high-quality products, you’re getting items that will serve you well for years to come! 

            2. Support Your Neighbors

              When you buy locally, you’re not just putting money into a faceless corporate entity. You’re actually supporting your neighbors.

              Small business owners are members of your community, which means we shop, eat, and spend time in the same places you do! Whether you know these business owners or not, they’re your neighbors, and supporting their efforts shows that you believe in them and in building a stronger community for yourselves and future generations.

                3. Boost Your Local Economy

                  Not only are you supporting individuals by shopping small businesses, but you’re also providing a revenue stream to your local economy that can advance the health of your community.

                  By shopping locally, you’re keeping money circulating in your small towns and communities, which creates stimulation that keeps local businesses thriving and growing. This, in turn, creates more opportunities for other businesses, which gives you greater buying opportunities! Everyone wins!

                    4. Make a Global Impact

                      Don’t get the wrong idea with all this “local” talk. Shopping locally can make a huge impact that stretches far beyond your community.

                      You can make a global impression by purchasing from small businesses, especially if these businesses have a socially-conscious mindset that ensures that they preserve the environment and the cultures from which they purchase.

                      For exampe, Noos Shop works hard to make sure that we know exactly where our products come from. We even personally know the people who make them.

                      In this way, we have a strong connection with the communities that supply our products and can make sure that the craftsmen and women are compensated fairly.


                        5. Broaden the Marketplace

                          All this talk about the economy would be nothing if we didn’t talk about competition.

                          Supporting small businesses keeps the “big guys” from overtaking the market -- which, in the end, gives the consumer more choices! And we all know how much we love to have options when we shop. Buying small means keeping the market full of unique and innovative products, and companies outside of the big chains.

                            6. Find Unique Gifts

                              On a practical note, you know that one person on your list that’s impossible to buy for? Yeah, we feel you. Every list has at least one of those people.

                              One of the greatest perks about buying from a small business is that you can find unique gifts that you may not find in a big store. Whether it’s something handmade, sentimental, or just downright weird, you can find it at a small business. And you can bet that when you buy something out of the ordinary, there won’t be any duplicate gifts!

                                7. Be an Entrepreneur

                                  Speaking of the “big guys,” it’s easy to feel like an anonymous number when you purchase from a large chain. You become just another receipt in a long line of other buyers. But when you purchase from a small business, you’re a person -- and more than that, you’re a partner!

                                  Small businesses couldn’t exist without real people supporting them. Thus, when you buy from a small business, you’re telling the owners that you believe in their business enough to team up with them on their venture. You’re investing in their entrepreneurship.

                                    8. Create a Culture of Caring

                                      At the end of the day, buying from small businesses is about shaping a mindset. It’s about creating a culture of caring -- and in a world that can be harsh and even mean, this is extremely important.

                                      Investing in real people with both finances and time fosters a community that is supportive, thoughtful, and caring. And as the world gets ever smaller through technology, this will be a crucial part of keeping our world a welcoming and loving place.

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