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We Did It - Our DIY Remodel

For those who visited us in-person (THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH), you've kind of seen the process of our DIY remodel. It's been almost two weeks since we started the process and we promised to do a before and after post. Here you go - it's all in one place. BIG THANK YOU TO OUR PARENTS: GEORGE, BONNIE, BATTULGA AND OYUN FOR ALWAYS SUPPORTING US!

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The Cow with the Hula Skirt

Mongolian yaks have been offering warmth and provision to humans for centuries, and we wanted to uncover more about both the majestic beasts and the culture behind the wool. Read on as we reveal the details that make this material so remarkable.

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Visiting Goat Herders

Cashmere Cashmere is a word that has a magical significance when spoken. It's an amazing fiber that conjures sophistication, elegance and warmth at the same time. Yet it has such a humble beginning that I find it enthralling. Many of you probably know that my grandparents (father's side) were herders. I and my siblings used to spend our summers with them, but we never visited them during the cashmere goat combing season (April) in the Spring - school in Mongolia runs from the first of September through the end of May. Since I started NOOS SHOP last November, I've been longing to visit a herding family, who would be willing to share their lifestyle. My original plan to travel to Hovsgol,...

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